Sedant Annual Meeting 2019 in Beijing

2019-01 ·  Company News

The Sedant 2019 Annual Meeting was held on 19th, January 2019 in Beijing. Management teams from Sedant Holding, Real Estate Business Group, Trade & Logistics Business Group and apt Group took part in the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, a summary report of the financial work Sedant 2018 and also a work plan report Sedant 2019 was made by Mr. CHEN Hongliang, General Manager from Financial Management Center. According to the financial report, the profit from Sedant 2018 was better than that in 2017, but at the same time, the operation efficiency in 2019 should be improved and the debt scale should be controlled.

Work report 2018 and work plan 2019 were made by Real Estate Business Group, Trade & Logistics Business Group and apt Group afterwards. Achievements and shortages were summarized during the work report from Real Estate Business Group. All people should be united as one, according to the work report, time points of some import work should be clarified, sales targets from Beijing, Langfang and Wuxi projects need to be accomplished in 2019, new projects opening should be realized according to the time plan, risks should be also taken in control.

Trade & Logistics Business Group achieved good sales results in 2018 in spite of the economic downturn in China. Income increasing, expenses decreasing and details with more innovation, it’s what Trade & Logistics Business Group will do in 2019, with the aim of achieving better sales results in the new year.

Overcame the international political and economic instability, especially the world trade conflicts, apt Group exceeded the task in 2018 still, which contributed a lot to the whole business performance of Sedant 2018. In 2019, production procedures will be optimized, new products will be developed and when possible, enterprises in the same industry or enterprises in up- and downstream sector will be purchased, so to ensure the leading and competitive place in the industry.

After the meeting the KPI contracts of business groups were signed. After the signing all participants in the meeting took part in the banquet.

Chairman of Sedant Foundation Holding Mr. WANG Xudong expressed his sincere thanks to the management teams and all other colleagues from apt Group, Trade & Logistics Group and Real Estate Group during the banquet. Besides he expected that, all Sedant people could innovate their working methods, overcome the difficulties and create more miracles in the new year. In the past 19 years’ development Sedant has insisted on the “Ant Spirit” as the company guiding spirit and is always developing stronger. 2020 will be the 20th year of Sedant, we all as Sedant people are expecting the 20th birthday of Sedant and hoping Sedant will move forward to a higher step in the future.

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