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Prices rose no longer publish data into basic data net signed price statistics


16, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the new residential sales price survey program, and will be published in, according to the new program statistics in January prices data. The new scheme will take the nets sign data as a basis


Commercial real estate investment caused by the attention of passengers or into the Beijing market d


Core tip: in the history of the most stringent restrictions on the purchase of the policy, there is a real estate agent is expected this year, Beijing ordinary residential turnover will be at least 30%, also blocked a lot of investment chan


The new Passat Shanghai auto frequency heavyweight Awards


At the just ended 2011 Shanghai International Auto Show, Shanghai Volkswagen flagship strategy new Passat with extraordinary strength, a series of gains 2011 most beautiful automobile design award, 2011 Shanghai show the best of the new car


Notice of the general office of the State Council on Further Doing a good job in the regulation and


Issued 2011 No. 1 The peoples governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and all ministries and commissions of the State Council, and all institutions directly under the state


Central enterprises return a house is expected to increase by 20 in the year


Now real estate control measures throughout the country, the central enterprises return a house and progress to which step? Yesterday, in a press conference held by the State Council Information Office, Shao Ning, deputy director of the SAS

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